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Our Story

Hi there! 

Omelet Trees Studio (OTS) is about a pursuit of a slow life in the bustling city of Singapore. From a tiny one room private studio, soulful pottery is passionately handcrafted to balance the urban buzz with a meditative zen, putting a contemporary twist on an age-old craft. 

As the husband and wife duo behind OTS, working with our hands has always been very natural to us. The tactility of grasping an object with your hands cannot be replaced, not even with the best of technology today. It comes without surprise that handcrafting ceramics is an appropriate avenue through which we create. We want people to experience the pieces we make not simply with their eyes, but also with their hands. 

Currently based in Singapore.


B E H I N D   T H E   N A M E 

Many have asked us about the meaning or reason behind the name of our studio, "Why Omelet Trees?" To which we would usually answer simply, "Well, it's because we like eggs!"

But here's the real (and longer) reason behind the humble name of our tiny studio: It does start out from having a deep liking for eggs. Eggs are great at breakfast, lunch, and dinner; in a pie, on a pizza, in a sandwich, with bacon, on bacon, on pasta, and don't even get us started on how amazing they are in baking!

So on that note, enter the Omelet. An omelette is pretty much a pocket of golden melty eggy goodness with everything good that you'd like inside. It is a parcel of all things good - kind of like a perfect package.

And, what would be better than if these perfect packages grew on trees?

In a simple and light-hearted tone, Omelet Trees Studio is about hope, about a dream of a better place. Living in the heart of a bustling city, our making practice is a means to locate the calm and peace that comes from the country, from the trees, from within.